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For further information, useful links and details on how to apply to the scheme please visit the RHI website:

For a summary of some of the documents and information which participants may be required to submit please refer to the following document “Summary of supporting information for RHI applicants”:


If you have any queries please contact the Ofgem E-Serve RHI Team on 0845 200 2122. The helpline opening hours are 8:30am until 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 8:30am until 4:30pm on Fridays. Alternatively, you can send an email to .

You can also contact The Farm Energy Centre at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, who can offer overall advice on eligibility, the application procedure, heat meters and eventual certification. (Tel. 024 7669 6512)

In order to apply for RHI you need to first contact OFGEM via their website or by telephone 0845 200 2122

Download the RHI Guides here...

Most FARM 2000 boilers eligible for RHI

when using cereal straw or wood


The Renewable Heat Incentive is a generous UK support mechanism paid on a kWh basis for heat produced from renewable energy, including biomass .


For the latest information and updates see the following websites   DECC    and OfgemRHI. Particularly with regards to the certification of wood supply (BSL).


There are two versions:

1. Commercial this is for commercial installations, but also includes TWO domestic houses and above, or ONE house plus at least one other building (e.g. farm workshop).

Provided the boiler output is above 45 kW, then the boiler and installation do not have to be MCS Certified, and therefore FARM 2000 HTR and BB boilers are eligible; see note below on Emission Certification.

2. Domestic FARM2000 boilers are not eligible for Domestic RHI

Emission Certificates ( Dust & NOx )

Since September 2013, all RHI eligible biomass boilers, have had to comply with emission limits on dust and NOx. Certification procedures have been established, and RHI is only paid to boilers that are certified to meet the RHI Emission Standards.

FARM2000 boilers that have the required RHI Emission Certificate are models:

Wood Logs only

oHT46R (54kW), HT50R (85kW), HT60R (120kW)

Wood logs and straw

oHT70R (161kW), HT80R (195kW), BB144/3R (210kW), BB146/3R (235kW), BB154/3R (235kW), BB244/3R (245kW), BB254/3R (275kW) and BB254H/3R (293kW).

For approximate annual payment calculations for heating applications Click Here.

From October 2015, RHI participants will have to demonstrate that their fuel complies with RHI standards. This can be achieved either by using sustainable fuels provided by those approved on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) or by registering as a ‘self-supplier’.  For further information go to website:

For more information visit the Ofgem RHI webpage at or contact the RHI enquiry team on 0845 200 2122, or via e-­mail at

We recommend you contact The Farm Energy Centre at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, for overall advice on eligibility, how to register as a ‘self-supplier’ with straw or wood, heat meters and eventual certification. Telephone 024 7669 6512

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